Teachers, we can do something

A teacher leaves an impact. We are not glorified babysitters, we help raise and prepare the future. But this is the task of every teacher. We are not every teacher. We are Muslim teachers.

Alhamdulillah, we are helping direct the very future of our deen.

Or that’s what we might think. The reality of how difficult it is to teach two dozen or more students inevitably catches up to us. The varying learning styles and preparedness of the kids. Their personalities, manners, cultural backgrounds, special needs. 

The curriculum requirements pile on as we try to differentiate lessons to reach each kid as best as we can. The clock is ticking as we struggle to cover all of these topics within a single year. The goal of merging the academic and the Islamic falters, and we’re left with is the anxiety of trying to keep up with basic requirements, just to keep our jobs.

Be the change

that the Ummah needs today

Help us build a school that cares. Founded by Muslim teachers for Muslim students.

Target of $150,000

that’s only 300 people giving $500!

What’s wrong with our education system?

The entire profession looks bleak now, but we hold Allah in our heart, and believe:

In Shaa Allah, this trial shall pass

We are not curriculum experts, and building one from scratch may be too hard for us. We are not administrators so we may not be able to lobby for changes in your curriculum. We can, however, support our Muslim brothers and sisters in creating a true Islamic curriculum and school.

What can we do?

Fitra Community School is not just another Islamic school. It’s an Islamic learning environment developed by parents and teachers like us, working together to bring about the education our kids deserve.

Built around the Community School model, Fitra is a student-centric environment that features small class and enrollment sizes, attentive student selection procedure, heightened attention per student, lower student to teacher ratios, and an increased level of focus and connection for every student.

Within this model, we at Fitra intend to nurture key life skills in our kids:

We build character, mindset and ability to learn before pumping information and technical skills into our children. Child-centred education and community school model has proven to produce better results long-term with higher exam scores, lower stress levels and better social and emotional intelligence.

We are not building another information factory.

We are raising a community of kids who love to learn.