Beyond the Grades

Beyond the Grades

I’ve written a lot about our desire to develop the whole child. However let me be clear, we do want and expect our students to be strong academically. But for us, the process of learning is as important as the result. This is what we believe will truly sustain them as they progress in life.

We want to be a school that teaches for mastery of subject, rather than a school that teaches simply to a test. Our students will not be reduced to marks on piece of paper. This means that where practical, our students will be afforded the opportunity to learn at their own pace. We hope that by doing so, students will learn to love the process of learning and adopt a mindset whereby they gain confidence in knowing that they can solve problems they encounter if they keep persevering.

Being literate and numerate are essential life skills and so these will be key focus areas for us.

We believe that being exposed to books, good literature and an environment that values reading is essential in order to build a child’s love of language. As such at Fitra Community School (FCS) we intend to have a big focus on books and reading. This will extend beyond the English class, and become a part of the school’s way of life.

For numeracy, we know that many skills are built on earlier skills, so it is vitally important that children are taught in the correct sequence and at the correct speed. Our energies will be focussed on ensuring that no child will go through school with gaps in their understanding of maths. We do not subscribe to the “I’m no good at maths” mantra. We will by God’s Will, find a way! Some may motor ahead and others will take their time – but no one will be left floundering. That’s our aim.

It’s not about the grades in an exam. For us, it’s about mastery of subject.

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