Help From The Heavens

Help From The Heavens

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in this quest to open the school, nothing happens without the help from the heavens.
There have been so many instances where help has come for where we least expected it, that I can emphatically say that we would not have got this far without divine intervention. 
I hope and pray that the fact that help has been coming is a sign that what we are pursuing is a cause that is pleasing to Allah (God).
Let me share with you just one example – 

It was Ramadan of 2017 when a member of our team spent Iʿtikāf at the Pillars of Guidance Community Centre. Whilst on Iʿtikāf, he got speaking with one of the brothers also doing Iʿtikāf about the School. The person he spoke to was wowed by the idea of the school and decided he wanted to help us, so a meeting was arranged with Saadia and I after Ramadan.

But wait … there’s a twist!

Right around the time we were supposed to be having the meeting, Saadia and I were in the process of submitting our planning application for the School site. We engaged a town planner who seemed well credentialed to assist us with the planning application, but he turned out to be quite incompetent.

Jumping forward, we went along to the meeting and the person we were meant to be meeting with brought along a friend. Lo and behold! This friend was in fact a town planner himself. And as history will also now attest to, he was an integral part of helping us secure the planning permit for the Schools site. He helped us recover the mess created by our initial town planner and gave Council the confidence in our project for them to support it.

He never came to the meeting expecting to help us. He was just curious. But Allah chose him.

This was a case of nothing but help from the heavens. There is no way known we could have planned it or scripted it.
This is but one example of many.
With that help we’ve been able to complete the majority of the works at the school site: painting, security lighting, acoustic fences, car parks amongst others. Here are some photos.

Your continued duas are much need.
BarakAllah Feek


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