Fitra Excursion Club

A big part of what we want to be about at Fitra Community School is being out and about and learning from what we have around us. So we thought we’d start the¬†Fitra¬†Excursion Club, whilst we wait for the school to formally start!

What types of excursions will we do?

Excusions will be many and varied. Some days it may be to a nearby park to do some nature journaling, on others it may be to place like the Museum or ScienceWorks to see what’s new, or maybe there’s something really exciting happening in our community that we must go take a look at, like the building of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel for example … and list of things to explore is endless.

How does it work?

Just register your interest and we’ll add you on to the Fitra Excursion Club Whatsapp Group. We’ll post on there details of excursions that are being held and you then decide if you would like to bring your child(ren) along! You will be required to accompany your child(ren) on the excursion.

When are excursions held?

The intention is to run excursions every second Tuesday of the school term inshaAllah.

Who is the Excursion Club for?

The Fitra Excursion Club is designed for children 4+. Ideal for children who are entering school next year or children who are currently being home schooled.

How much does it cost?

Joining the Fitra Excursion Club is FREE! Parents will be required to meet the costs of any third party fees associated with an excursion (eg, entrance fees.)

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