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A message from our founders

Fitra Community School (Fitra) started off as a dream which only by Allah’s will has now become a reality. Alhumdullilah.

We know that school environments significantly influences a child’s character, impressions of self, attitudes towards learning and social abilities.

We heard from many parents who complained about their children becoming disillusioned with learning, losing their creativity, having challenges with bullying, and often a moral standard that wasn’t acceptable.

We listened to leading educators who described schooling as needing more personalized education that focused on the whole child, less standardized teaching and an emphasis on building skills in children that would be relevant for them regardless of what they are faced with when they go out into the world on their own.

We studied what was working well (and not so well!) in other schools.

And then created Fitra, a learning environment that is consciously designed to facilitate being able to individualise a child’s education. There’s so much to say about what we do at school. To get a glimpse be sure to read about some of our Key Features by downloading the PDF document below.

Welcome to our school!


Saadia Amnulla and Adel Mohamed

Our Guiding Principles



All human beings are born with an innate desire and ability to learn. The school’s role is to provide a learning environment that continues to nurture these qualities and actively promotes a growth mindset within each child.


Children are capable

Children can manage high expectations and thrive on the confidence that our faith in them brings. You become a good decision maker with practice. We believe that taking risks is an important part of growing and learning. Allowing children to take physical, social and cognitive risks develops their ability to match their skills to the situation or environment.


Continuous improvement

We choose not to follow a system because it is what everybody else does. We are open to current research in education and will be early adopters if we feel it can make us more effective educators.



We believe that Allah being the All Knowing is the source of all knowledge. As such we do not divide our subjects as being secular or religious. Whenever it is possible, relevant and suitable in the context we will always link our lessons back to Allah, the Qur’an and Prophet (S).


The school is located at 43 – 45 Westall Road, Clayton South, Victoria 3174.

We are blessed to have the following facilities accessible within walking distance to allow us to further enhance the  the school’s learning program:

  • Grange Heathland Reserve where we do our nature journaling and PE classes
  • Westall Library where we go to further build on our love of books
  • Westall Tennis Club and Westall Soccer Club, spaces to further enhance our Sports program

Westall Railway Station, our gateway to the rest of Melbourne

Does our School sound right for your family?

If you're interested in enrolling your little ones in Fitra Community School, please visit our enrolment page. We have a process in place that will help you decide whether or not our school is a match for your kids.

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