Allah (God) has blessed us with a vibrant school community and now it is time that we share. Our staff are passionate about what they do and FitraSHARE is our platform to try and spread their the benefit beyond the confines of our classrooms. We hope that you will find the resources we’ve uploaded here useful in your own learning and teaching journeys. Keep us in your prayers.

13342Ramadan Dhikr and Du’a BookThe Year 4 and 5s at Fitra (with the help of their teacher) designed this …Ramadan Dhikr and Du’a Book2023/09/11Download
13335Sunnah CardsUse these activity cards for ideas on performing some Sunnah acts, with each card featuring …Sunnah Cards2023/09/01Download
13331Summer ReadingFind some reading tips and a list of good audiobooks to encourage some reading over …Summer Reading2023/09/01Download
13328Allah Loves CardsConnecting with Allah by doing that which He Loves using the Allah Loves activity cardsAllah Loves Cards2023/09/01Download
13320Fitra Cook BookDiscover the diversity of our school community through foodFitra Cook Book2023/08/16Download
13310Fitra Camping ChecklistChecklist of all the essential items to take with you when campingFitra Camping Checklist2023/07/25Download

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