It’s Not About Me! It’s About Us!

It’s Not About Me! It’s About Us!

Let’s face it -we live in a “me,me, me” kind of world. It’s all about me!

Through the rise of capitalism, our students are inheriting a very selfish world. A world where the amassing of material wealth and possessions is the primary objective of many. A society where at least at the macro-level compassion, the well-being of the environment and care for the hopes and aspirations of the less well-endowed are less valued than they once were.

We want our students to be different. No in fact, our students must be different.

As Muslims we know that helping others is an important aspect of our faith. So we can’t be a school that educates for the self alone. Whilst we have a strong emphasis on equipping our students with the tools and skills they will need for personal success, we also recognise the need to educate our students on their responsibilities towards the world in which they live.

We want our students to value their belonging in a diverse and dynamic society and have a desire to positively contribute locally, nationally, regionally and globally. In addition, we want our students to approach the world with compassion, concern for others,and a strong sense of justice.

In order for our students to practically develop a sense of selflessness, we believe we have to do two things: the first is to help our students build a strong foundation of moral values, ethics of behaviour and good manners that gives precedence to the consideration of others and the common good; and secondly provide our students with opportunities to practically apply what they are learning to benefit more than just themselves at the local, national, and global level.

Programs that focus on our students becoming active citizens will be a key feature of what we do at Fitra Community School.

I can’t wait to start the journey!

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