A New Islamic Primary School For Melbourne’s South East

Now taking enrolments. Maximum of 25 students in 2020. Limited places left.

Our Promise

School publications are now full of buzzwords like ‘developing the whole child’, ‘creating lifelong learners’ and ‘providing individualised attention’. Don’t get us wrong, we want to realise these things with our students too. However we believe that it is the design of a school that will dictate whether a school can really achieve such outcomes. To that end;

We promise NOT to grow our school beyond 70 students.

Keeping our school small is key to us being able to:

  • allow our students to develop at their own pace
  • remain nimble and provide our students with the best learning experiences at any given point in time
  • create a community with an extended family feel to the schooling experience
  • hire the best possible teachers and have more consistency throughout the school

What we stand for!

Future-proofing Our Children

Constant and rapid rates of change is the new norm. Accordingly our children need to be equipped with the skills necessary to be successful in changing environments. Skills such as self-directing one’s learning, thinking creatively, problem-solving, staying resilient in the face of adversity, and effective communication will be at the forefront of what we aim to develop in our children.

Strong Academic Foundations

Being literate and numerate are essential life skills. Accordingly we believe it is vitally important that children do not have gaps in their knowledge on account of a teacher simply trying to get through a curriculum. Our students will be afforded the opportunity to study at their own pace in order to achieve mastery in their academic studies.

Developing Active Citizens

Going to school is more than about just getting a job afterwards. Meaningful education is about shaping active citizens who will make a positive difference in the world.

Meaningful Islam

To be internalised, Islam needs to be meaningful and relevant. To be meaningful and relevant we need to live it. To live it, it needs to be more than just a subject and form part of the lifestyle of our school.

Connect with us

Stay in the know!

We aim to make our Facebook group an interactive place for like-minded people who wish to see a strong positive development in the way we educate our children. So join us and be part of our community!

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