About Us

Fitra Community School will be a fully fledged Primary School, offering classes from Foundation to Grade 6. The school is being modelled on other successful community based schools such as Fitzroy Community School and Phillip Island Village School and is guided by the Islamic ethos. Central to the School’s philosophy is a commitment to remaining small, as remaining small is a key enabler for achieving quality outcomes for its students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The school will be fully registered with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) before it commences operation.

Yes. Qualified teachers are a requirement of obtaining registration to operate a school.

If you are a qualified teacher and have read up on our intended approach to education and find that it is something that resonates with you, please do get in touch.

The school will start from January 2020 (inshaAllah!)
The school will deliver the Victorian Curriculum. Read more about our philosophy to education and learning in our BLOG.
We are aiming to be a fully fledged primary school that caters from foundation to grade 6 (with a maximum of 70 students).

Our school will be located in Clayton South which is in the South East of Melbourne. 


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