“What you are doing is so great” … really?

“What you are doing is so great” … really?


Every so often, someone goes out of their way to say to us “what you are doing is so great”.

I appreciate it.

However, what I do know is that if we are to realise our goal of setting up this school, it will not be us that made it happen. Rather it will be purely because Allah Subhanahuwatala willed it to happen. We should know this just as a matter of course. Yet when I look at our current state it becomes all the more real.

Finding an appropriate space for the school has been one of the biggest challenges. Alhumdullilah, we think we’ve found it in the form of an old Council run kindergarten. Following some lobbying from ourselves, Council ran an open tender process seeking expressions of interest to lease the space. We’ve submitted our proposal, and now all that is left is for us to make Dua. Only if Allah permits will we get this space! There’s nothing we can really do from here on in. We are in His hands.

Getting 20 students is a minimum requirement to obtain registration. We’ve done the thinking, done the planning and now are starting to tell our communities that we’ll be opening a Primary school in 2019 (inshaAllah!). What we are finding is that it is not as simple as having people interested in what we are offering to find the 20 required students. Everyone’s got their unique challenge to overcome before they are able to formally enrol with us. Again we are in the hands of the Almighty to make this happen.

If we do get our registration, we are going have to find some funds to get the school up and running. Today, these funds aren’t sitting in our in bank account. We live in hope that the Provider will provide for us when the time is right.

So whenever we are told that was we are doing is great, I need to constantly remind myself that it is no us. Rather it is Him. We are nothing but His slaves, who live him hope that he will select us to fulfil this mission. It is simple for our Master to bestow this honour on another group of people should He so will.

Allah has permitted us to come a long way and now have some critical bridges to cross in the next few weeks and months.

Ya Allah, we ask of you to make this dream come true!

BarakAllah Feekum


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