The Master Plan

The Master Plan

Presenting the Master Plan

When we first moved into the school site at 43 – 45 Westall Road, Clayton South we always knew that we would need to upgrade the site. To that end, we embarked on a Master Planning process with an architect to identify the works that we would need to undertake.

Click here to see a graphical representation of the proposed site upgrade works as identified in the Master Plan.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the Australian Government for the grant funds provided though the Capital Grants Program that enabled the development of our Master Plan.

What is a Master Plan?

Quoting from the “Independent Schools Victoria – Master Planning, September 2020”

A master plan is a comprehensive document intended to guide site development for the next 10 – 15 years.

Master planning is a process which examines every aspect of a school’s physical and educational environment – past, present and future.

A Master plan:

  • Is a document which includes drawings, schedules, explanatory diagrams and other material, clearly defining the development of the campus and the logic behind it.
  • Identifies existing land use and buildings and propose future use together with a phased growth plan.
  • Indicates the commencement and completion of each phase and may extend to indicate the probable costs of development.
  • Acts as a reference document to inform and guide future decision makers in their review and implementation of future phases.

Master plan drawings are conceptual and not an attempt to generate a floor plan for every future building.

Where to next?

With the Master Plan now complete we are developing a project to implement the following scope of works:

  • establishing a new classroom at the site of the existing shed
  • upgrading the toilet block and creation of fit for purpose ablution spaces
  • creation of an outdoor learning space on the north side decking
  • upgrading the “makers area” to the east to a new creative learning space
  • extending and upgrading the Kitchen to include teaching space and better cater for our growing school community
  • creation of additional storage spaces
  • re-configuration of school entry and exit points to enhance the current outdoor play space

Click here to see the proposed plans for the abovementioned scope of works.

The proposed works will help to increase capacity at the school site and facilitate delivery of the school’s program as enrolment numbers increase.

We hope to be in a position to commence this project towards the latter part of 2022.

We look forward to the school community’s support as we ambitiously embark on this project.

A note about us …

We are embarking on this project as a means of pursuing Ihsan (excellence) in the work that we do at the School. This is from our core values and it is what we want for all of our children to strive for, so it is incumbent on us to do so.

As to the result, we know that will be in what Allah has willed. We will of course play our part and inshaAllah He gives us the tawfique to do our best and work our hardest in pursuit of this project.


It must be known that as a School and as a school community we do not define ourselves by buildings, grounds, bricks and mortar, playgrounds or technology. Whilst we are very fortunate to have t he Grange Nature Reserve, Westall Soccer / Tennis Clubs, Westall Library, Westall Mosque,Westall Train Station and the Clayton Aquatic Centre all accessible to our children and which we consider very much part of our campus –


The Allah First culture we’ve developed at school.

The sincerity, passion and dedication of our teachers and the countless others who contribute to school life.

The learning that takes place both inside and outside the classroom which are designed to allow each child to thrive regardless of where they are on their learning journey.

The good manners of our children who understand its value and importance in Islam.

The joy and smiles of our Children who love coming to school, love the learning process and feel like they are part of an extended family.

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