Our Hudaibiyyah Moment

Our Hudaibiyyah Moment


“It must feel like giving birth to a still born baby”

That’s what someone said to me when they found out the news!

I can’t even imagine what a mother that gives birth to a still born feels like – but I do see the similarities. That mother goes through the mourning sickness, carries a growing weight around for nine months, experiences the joy of preparing for her new born and endures the pain of labour – only to give birth to a lifeless being at the end of it. It must be devastating. May Allah ease the pain of all of ours mothers who have had to endure this.

So what am I talking about?

Despite our best efforts, we won’t be able to open the doors of the school in January 2019 as we had planned and hoped.

The final hurdle we’ve had to overcome in order to get our registration was the planning permit. This was running its course in the background – however just this week we’ve learnt that a handful of people have raised concerns about the school’s presence in the area. They are concerned about noise and traffic impacts. From what we hear from experts these are common concerns raised by residents whenever a new school is coming up. We just wish we’d heard them earlier! Being good to our neighbours is our Islamic obligation and of course it is part of the ethos we want to impart on our students, so we are committed to finding a workable solution for all concerned.

As per Council’s process, a meeting needs to be convened between the objectors and ourselves and the earliest it can be done is in February next year (after the 2019 school year starts!).

It’s in times like this, we truly say Allah Knows Best!

Allah knows the hard work everyone has put in!

Allah knows the amount of lost sleep we’ve endured!

Allah knows the joy we felt when Council decided to lease the building to us!

Allah knows the impact our non-starting in 2019 will have on soo many people, not least our students and staff!

Allah knows the sacrifices and the money people have expended getting us to this point!

Allah knows the elation we felt when we got the correspondence from the VRQA telling us that barring some minor infrastructure upgrades and a planning permit, you are good to start!

Allah knows the impact our commitment to this cause has had on our families.

Yet, Allah has decided that we will not start in January 2019.

And for that we say Alhumdullilah!

All praise is truly due to Him.

Rather than the mother giving birth to a still born, I prefer to look at this  as our Hudaibiyyah moment. I truly hope and pray it is. The companions were turned back from performing Umrah once at the footsteps of Makkah – after a 6 year absence – and they didn’t know at the time the good that would come by waiting a year. Likewise we know there is wisdom in us coming so close, but yet being so far. We put our trust in Allah and keep soldiering on.

As long as Allah gives us life and He allows – we are not going anywhere. Perhaps we might take a break until the new year and then get cracking again in the new year inshaAllah!

Resilience is one of those qualities we want our kids to have – and before them – we need to have it. This is our chance!

A heartfelt thank you to those that have supported us thus far! We haven’t finished yet!

Your duas please for this Planning Permit!

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