The ‘Be Like the Bird’ Project

In January 2022 we introduced to you the Master Plan. Fast forward 12 months we are now gearing up to deliver on the Master. This presents a very exciting period for our School as we now get to enhance the site to better meet our needs and support our growth. This scope of capital works planned includes: To date we’ve been calling this project ‘the Capital Works Project’. Whilst factually correct, it’s been a bit dry and not representative of who we truly are at Fitra. So we embarked on a process with the children to name the project and

The results are in: ISV Poetry Competition 2022.

This year our Middlies and Biggies participated in the Independent Schools Victoria poetry competition for the first time. The competition was open to students from all school sectors and generated over 500 entries and more than 100,000 words from student poets across the State. We were thrilled when the results came back and two of our students, Zaid Zuhair (Year 4) and Abdullah Talib (Year 5)  were awarded honorable mentions. You can read more about the judge’s reflections on the poetry competition here. Zaid’s poem was quoted 😀 We are incredibly proud of all of our students who participated in

The Wonders of Makhraj Land

If I were to tell you that there’s a land out there where the Arabic letters try and roam free and the job of the letterspotters is to herd them up and make sure they are in the correct place according to where they are sounded out from theoral and nasal cavity, you’ll think I’m crazy.But there is, and if you don’t believe me watch this: In ordinary circumstances I’d probably agree with you that it is a pretty crazy thought. However 2021 was not a normal school year in metropolitan Melbourne. It was a stop – start year

The Master Plan

Presenting the Master Plan When we first moved into the school site at 43 – 45 Westall Road, Clayton South we always knew that we would need to upgrade the site. To that end, we embarked on a Master Planning process with an architect to identify the works that we would need to undertake. Click here to see a graphical representation of the proposed site upgrade works as identified in the Master Plan. We wish to take this opportunity to thank the Australian Government for the grant funds provided though the Capital Grants Program that enabled the development of our

After Hardship Comes Ease

I’m feeling weighed down, so I just needed to write! Out of the corner of my eye I saw lying on my bookshelf the book Start Your Own School authored by Phiilip O’Carrol & Faye Berryman (the founders of the Fitzroy Community School). That book took me back to the train I was catching after work, flicking through its pages and all the while working myself up into a frenzy thinking that this is exactly what our children need. Phillip & Faye were describing a school which was small enough to be free of the shackles of industrialization, where creativity

5 lessons learnt running our school in 2020

It’s become cliché to comment on how remarkably challenging the year 2020 has been. With or without the pandemic 2020 was our first year of operating a school, so regardless it was always going to be a challenging year. We learnt many things in 2020. Here are but a few. Lesson #1:A year’s delay was a good thing Our intention was to start the school in 2019, however we encountered a few planning issues with our neighbours which meant that the school’s opening was uncertain. I wrote at the time that I hoped that it would be our Hudaiybiyyah moment

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