Purify your Wealth. Save the School.

A message from Fitra Community School


I’ve got an unusual appeal to make to you. Stick with me.

We are a group of concerned parents, who have identified a model of schooling that we believe will be immensely beneficial for the children in our communities. So we set about this journey to start a school. I won’t take up your time describing the school on this page. If you are interested, you can check it out at: www.fitracommunityschool.com.au

As we’ve learnt over the years, starting a school is not an easy undertaking. Many challenges have come that make you question whether you want to keep going. We’ve preserved and overcome all that has come before us and we can see the finish line.

But of course, not without a significant roadblock (pardon the pun!) in our way.

Securing a building for the school that met the local Council’s requirements was a significant milestone for this project. Happy to say we’ve reached this milestone!

The Problem

However, at the 11th hour the Roads Authority (VicRoads) have written to us to say that we will not be able to use the school building until we install electronic variable speed signs on the main road outside the school. The major problem with this is that it costs approximately AUD$200,000 to install. Click here to access the VicRoads letter.

These are examples of some electronic variable speed signs and not the actual ones VicRoads will setup. 

How You Can Help Solve The Problem

Here’s where my unusual appeal comes in!

In this day and age we all touched by INTEREST (Riba), whether we like it or not. And we all need to dispose of it and not expect any reward from it. I’m making this appeal for your INTEREST to help meet the VicRoads requirement to install the electronic variable speed signs.

Why collect INTEREST? We do not want to use the community’s charity or zakat for this purpose, because we actually don’t think these signs are necessary. It’s purely to meet a government regulator’s requirement. The money is being put towards a public asset and NOT something the school will own or the children’s learning will benefit from.

Read more about the permissibility of using INTEREST for a purpose such as this:

How to Pay

If you have INTEREST that you are able to dispose of through us, please do. Bank details as follows:

Acc Name: Fitra Community School
Bank: National Australia Bank
BSB: 083091
Acc No: 738522171

Please include as the descriptor ‘INTEREST’


We need to collect these funds by the end of August to allow sufficient time for the signs to be installed, so that the school can start operating in January 2020 (inshaAllah!).

Interest is everywhere

Please think hard about where your hidden INTEREST may be. INTEREST or tainted wealth may be found in places such as:

      • Bank Pensions
      • Supperannuation (retirement)
      • Payouts Invested in Managed Funds
      • Term Deposits
      • Security Deposits

It is everywhere!

In Closing

Help us to help you purify your wealth and you’ll be helping us to save this school.

We set about to establish this school because we owe it to our future generations to continually seek to improve the way they are educated. As a group of concerned parents, who are not institutionally backed in any way, we’re just about ready to open the doors to the school. These electronic variable speed signs are just a hurdle we must overcome. We trust and hope that you will support us in this and reach out to your networks to do the same.

Please feel free to get in contact with me +61425654488 or asmoh1@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss this appeal further.

God bless.