The Wonders of Makhraj Land

If I were to tell you that there’s a land out there where the Arabic letters try and roam free and the job of the letterspotters is to herd them up and make sure they are in the correct place according to where they are sounded out from theoral and nasal cavity, you’ll think I’m crazy.But there is, and if…

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The Master Plan

Presenting the Master Plan When we first moved into the school site at 43 - 45 Westall Road, Clayton South we always knew that we would need to upgrade the site. To that end, we embarked on a Master Planning process with an architect to identify the works that we would need to undertake. Click here to see a graphical…

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After Hardship Comes Ease

I’m feeling weighed down, so I just needed to write! Out of the corner of my eye I saw lying on my bookshelf the book Start Your Own School authored by Phiilip O’Carrol & Faye Berryman (the founders of the Fitzroy Community School). That book took me back to the train I was catching after work, flicking through its pages…

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Help From The Heavens

Asalamualaikum,If there's one thing I've learnt in this quest to open the school, nothing happens without the help from the heavens.There have been so many instances where help has come for where we least expected it, that I can emphatically say that we would not have got this far without divine intervention. I hope and pray that the fact that help has…

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From Boat People to School Builders

Stop The Boats! Stop The Boats! This was the three word slogan that some in Australia used to demonise and dehumanise people fleeing war, persecution and ethnic cleansing. We the public were being asked to believe that the savages coming on boats would come and ruin our society. But contrary to populist scaremongering - this is a story of success…

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O’ Ramadan, you have come just in time

Asalamualaikum All, Isn’t it amazing that every year Allah sends Ramadan just when we need it most? Post-Christchurch I feel like I’ve been carrying a weight on my shoulders and this weight has just been added to exponentially since the absolutely senseless acts in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. May Allah grant ease to all those impacted by these events…

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Our Hudaibiyyah Moment

Asalamualaikum, “It must feel like giving birth to a still born baby” That’s what someone said to me when they found out the news! I can’t even imagine what a mother that gives birth to a still born feels like - but I do see the similarities. That mother goes through the mourning sickness, carries a growing weight around for…

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