Critical Thinking + Creativity + Self-Directed Learning = ?

Critical Thinking + Creativity + Self-Directed Learning = ?


Last time around I circulated our school philosophy and asked for your thoughts. Thanks to all those who got in touch.

We recognise that the written philosophy are just mere words. It needs to be backed up in practice. We ask Allah to keep us steadfast in pursuing the high ideals of what we’ve written, especially when the school is inshaAllah off the ground and we are really tested.

Whilst the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, one of my readers looked at it critically and asked us the hard question – “Why when your philosophy is communicating that you are looking to establish something different to conventional schools, did you settle on a logo that is conventional? It doesn’t communicate your difference!”

So he proceeded to design us the following:


And we’ve decided to run with it! Hope you like it!

This whole episode of changing the logo embodies what we want for our students – The idea was generated by someone who was able to think critically, who then applied his creative mind to design a logo after self-learning the principles of design and how to use design software. Imagine the possibilities if our kids turn out to be like this?

When I was a student my intelligence was measured by the grade I got at the end of an exam, so I focused on mastering the art of acing exams. I guess the only problem with that is that real life does not play out like an exam. I have since forgotten most of what I learnt for my exams!

There has got to be a better system!

We’re still on the look out for a property.  Please get in touch with us if you know of a possible location.

Your duas are much needed.

Until next time.

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